Newcomer Program

  • Newcomer families having lunch in the cafeteria

    Language acquisition experts have long held the knowledge that the best methods for second language learning are those that supply ‘comprehensible input’ in low anxiety situations. By providing each student with intensive accessible instruction for extended periods of time in a classroom with their newcomer peers, we have the opportunity to accelerate language acquisition as well as acculturation.

    Historically, CHCCS has served newcomers in their home schools along with more advanced English Learners (ELs). In their home schools, newcomers and other ELLs typically are afforded English language instruction for 30 to 60 minutes daily. In the CHCCS Newcomer Program, the entire academic day will be crafted just for them. This targeted instruction will accelerate their English language acquisition and provide them with a foundation for success in the traditional classroom.

    By serving the newcomer students in a centralized location, we meet their needs in an environment that is focused explicitly on them. When students are ready to transition to their home schools, they are ready for traditional English language instruction.


    To successfully mainstream newly-arrived English Language Learners by:

    • Creating a safe and nurturing environment where the instruction is focused explicitly on them.
    • Immersing students in meaningful language experiences that utilize listening, speaking, reading and writing.
    • Provide multiple opportunities for students to use English successfully, allowing students to gain confidence as they transition from basic communication skills to academic language skills.


    Our newcomer students will:

    • Recognize the value of their cultural and linguistic diversity, while appreciating the diversity of others.
    • Develop their critical thinking skills, creativity, and self-worth.
    • Be prepared to serve and participate in their communities as literate 21st Century Citizens.



Steps for Newcomer Placement

  • If the student’s English composite proficiency level (CPL) on the WIDA Screener is 2.9 or below, the student will be recommended for the Newcomer program, and depending on Students with Interrupted Formal Education (SIFE) evaluation, math assessment, and parent/guardian interview, the student will be offered one of two “pathways” within the newcomer program.

    Path One:

    If the student’s composite proficiency level (CPL) on the WIDA Screener is 1.9 or below, the student will be recommended for the Newcomer program. Students with interrupted schooling will be recommended for Path 1.

    Path Two:

    If the student’s composite proficiency level (CPL) on the WIDA Screener is 2.9 or below, but the student has had continuous educational experiences.

    Prior to being placed in a newcomer classroom, our Parent Liaison meets with the family and the EL Coordinator to discuss placement. Parents can refuse placement into the program. If a family chooses to place their children in a newcomer classroom, a permission letter is signed.

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