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Pre-K Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply to your program?

    Applications for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools Pre-K/Head Start Program are accepted during Open Enrollment each year from February 1 - April 15 for initial placements for the upcoming school year.  Applications are then accepted on a year-round basis and accepted based on slot availability.  Children who are three or four years old by August 31st are eligible to apply.  Interested families must complete an application and provide supporting documentation.  Applications for Dual Language Pre-K classes are processed in the same manner as all other placements in our Pre-K program.


    What curriculum do you use?

    The Pre-K/Head Start curriculum is based on evidence-based research and practice.   The Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework, The Creative Curriculum® framework, and the CHCCS Instructional Framework all guide curriculum development in Pre-K.  In addition, lesson plans are developed based on children's strengths and needs as determined by parent interviews, staff observations, and developmental screenings and assessments.  Our curriculum uses an integrated approach with themes woven into classroom learning centers, individualized activities, and small and large group activities. To supplement classroom literacy instruction we use Fundations® Pre-K to introduce the alphabetic principles, letter-sound associations and alphabetical order, and manuscript letter formation.  We use Second Step® learning program to teach self-regulation and social-emotional skills. 


    What do I do if I think my child has special needs?

    If your child has been evaluated and has identified special needs, or if you believe your child has special needs, please contact the Pre-K Intervention office, 919-918-2153.


    Will my child learn to read before they leave your program?

    Every child is introduced to foundational reading skills in Pre-K; formal reading instruction begins in kindergarten.  Most preschoolers recognize letters, especially the letters in their name; others recognize all the letters and some words.  A few may be able to “decode,” applying letter-sound knowledge to correctly pronounce written words. Each child is taught to develop those foundational skills that will support reading fluency in elementary school. 


    Where are the Pre-K classrooms located?

    We have classrooms at every elementary school except Glenwood Elementary and Morris Grove Elementary.


    Can we visit a school before we apply?   

    Generally, tours are given once a child has been accepted into the program.  You need to contact our Pre-K office at 919-918-2153 to schedule a time to see a classroom.


    Do you provide transportation?

    We do not provide transportation.  Parents/guardians are responsible for transporting their child to and from school each day, and walking into the classroom to sign their child in and out.


    Can I visit my child at any time in the classroom?

    Parents are welcome to visit the child’s classroom during the school day; however, you must talk with your child's teacher to plan an optimal time for your visit.


    How do you deal with food allergies and medications?

    If your child has any health condition which may require medication or diet accommodations, we have a full time program nurse to support your child. To ensure your child’s medical needs are met, emergency action plans and medication forms must be completed prior to your child entering the classroom. 


    Does the CHCCs Pre-K/Head Start program provide food? 

    Breakfast and lunch are provided daily. Children in the extended care program will be given an afternoon snack. All centers follow the USDA Child Care Food Program guidelines, and are high in nutrients and low in fat, sugar and salt. Menus are posted in classroom and copies are available upon request.