Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM) Timeline

  • CDM Communication Window 


     Phase 1 & 2 Assessment Information 

    • This document provides a breakdown of each assessment, including number of questions and item types. 


    Phase 1 State Assessments (EOC/NCFE/CTE): 

    • All of these assessments are online and are developed by the state. The passing score for all assessments is 90% or higher OR a Level 5 score determined by the state. 
    • English 2- all English 2 scores will be delayed by the state until August/September of 2020.  Therefore, students will take both Phase 1 and Phase 2 during the February testing window. If successful, this  may result in a schedule change after the first weeks of school. 

      For End-of-Course (EOC) exams, students must achieve at a minimum the following scale score: 

      NC Math 1: 563 or higher  

      NC Math 3: 563 or higher

      Biology: 261 or higher

    • Precalculus- 90% or higher 

    • CTE courses- 90% or higher 

    • NC Final Exams (Math 2, sciences, social studies, and English 1, 3, & 4)- 90% or higher

    Phase 1 Local Assessments 

    • These are assessments are locally developed, except for World Languages, which is an online assessment called STAMP.
    • All Arts- 90% or higher 
    • All World Languages: CDM measures MASTERY of content and not just proficiency.  Students must score ABOVE the proficiency level in order to successfully earn CDM credit. This year students will take Phase 1 and Phase 2 in one testing session. 


    Phase 2 Assessment Window: 

    Dates: To Be Determined (late April)

    Phase 2 Local Assessments: (Only for students who passed a Phase 1 assessment)

    • Each school will inform students of specific testing dates and times.
    • Testing will be scheduled by each school. Please contact the school for all testing questions. 
    • Families will receive scores via email by (TBD)