District Task Force

  • Purpose: To ensure that the perspectives of multiple stakeholders, representing the demographics and various roles in the district and community, participate in a comprehensive review and recalibration of the Code of Character, Conduct, and Support.


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District Task Force Members

  • Rani Dasi, School Board Member                             

    Jillian LaSerna, School Board Member                   

    Pam McCann, Elementary School Principal       

    Robert Bales, Middle School Principal   

    Charles Blanchard, High School Principal

    Acea Ward, Teacher

    Kimberly Manning, Teacher

    Issac Marsh, Special Education Teacher

    Angela McChesney, EL Teacher

    Susan Pizzolato, School Counselor

    Erich Priest, Mental Health Specialist

    Teonaka Daye, School Psychologist

    Jesus Peralta Porras, Student

    Victoria Fornville, Student

    Sara Faccidomo, Parent

    Tiffany Allen, Parent

    Joanna Taylor, Parent

    Tami Pfeifer, Executive Director, Boomerang Youth, Inc.

    Jonathan Norris, School Transportation Operations Manager

    Pamela Weiden, Programs and Special Projects Manager District 15B Orange and Chatham Counties

    Howie Kallem, Equity Advisory Council

    Dawn Osborne-Adams, Equity Advisory Council