District Code Team (DCT)

  • Purpose: To schedule, coordinate, communicate, and facilitate all activities related to the recalibration of the Code of Character, Conduct, and Support. To secure the resources and to support the development of and induction of all activities and trainings related to the launch of the revised Code of Character, Conduct, and Support.

Primary Responsibilities of the DCT

    • Coordinate the code revision process
    • Create a work plan, timeline, and schedule to meet the outcomes of the code revision process
    • Identify Task Force members
    • Coordinate, share input on the agendas, and support Task Force meetings
    • Communicate systematically with all stakeholders to build understanding and commitment
    • Identify all stakeholder groups who will provide feedback during the revision process. • Vet the drafts of the code
    • Coordinate and schedule the legal review of the revised code
    • Coordinate and schedule the Board review of revised code
    • Oversee the production and publication of the revised code
    • Discuss, collaborate on, and review a roll out plan for professional learning
    • Oversee the launch of the revised code for the district
    • Monitor implementation efforts of the revised code

District Code Team Members

  • Al McArthur, Director of Digital Learning & Library Services

    Dr. Charlos S. Banks, Chief of School Support and Wellnes

    Janet Cherry, Director of System of Care

    Tim Gibson, Executive Director of Elementary Schools & Special Programs

    Vernon Hall, Director of School Counseling & Enrollment

    Lessley Mader, Executive Director of Exceptional Children

    Scarlett Steinert, Director of Healthful Living, PE, Athletics, DE

    Nelson Surles, Coordinator of Student Data & Research

    Lee Williams, Executive Director of Equity & Inclusion

    Dr. Quincy Williams, Executive Director Secondary Schools & Special Programs