What Is the Freshman Academy?

  • As mentioned in the overview, the Freshman Academy is a transition program for all first-time 9th graders. Each freshman is assigned to a Freshman Academy “team” of teachers for their English, Math 1 if applicable, Biology, World History, and Healthful Living courses.  Each teaching team serves approximately 120 students.  There is also an assigned 9th grade Assistant Principal and an assigned 9th grade school counselor.

    This means that each team's teachers, the counselor, and the administrator can collaborate efficiently and effectively to support our 9th grade students academically and socioemotionally.  Each team meets biweekly to work on common instructional practices and expectations, cross-curricular content planning, proactive and preventative programming, and responsive support for students in need of additional help (these meetings have been extremely helpful with identification of students in need, brainstorming interventions, and consistency in behavioral and academic interventions).