• The CHS school community promotes the appropriate personal, social/relational, and emotional development of our students and is united in acknowledging the mental health needs of our population and striving to meet those needs.  From students and teachers, to families, to staff with specialized training like the school counselors, Mental Health Specialist, school social worker, Student Assistance Program coordinator, and school nurse, we are in this together.  Staff aim to positively influence students' growth, deliver socioemotional instructional content, and respond to student needs.

    Students, know that there are staff in the Student Services suite with expertise and training to help you with any personal, social, or emotional concerns or situations.

    You can access more information about our Mental Health Supports here.

Assorted Resources

    • Challenge Day - CHS is fortunate to have the support of Youth Empowerment Alliance for North Carolina in providing the Challenge Day experience to our students.  After a pilot in fall of 2018 with select 9th-12th grade students participating, CHS plans to offer a Challenge Day to each Freshman Academy team going forward.  This means that by fall 2022, most students at CHS will have experienced Challenge Day.  There will be followup and refresher programming throughout the year following Challenge Day within the Freshman Academy; meanwhile, the Be the Change club will aim to have a schoolwide, student-led impact.
    • In Spring 2019, Rebecca Burton of The 1 in 5 Project gave a presentation at CHS to educate students on mental health issues, reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, bring awareness to how social media influences mental health, and provide resources.  The meat of the presentation can be viewed at, or the concluding resources bit can be viewed at
    • Suicide Prevention Lifeline - suicide is the second-leading cause of death for young people, and the rates of ideation and attempts have grown sharply in recent years.  Know the risk factors and warning signs, and speak up immediately if you or someone you know needs help.