Welcome RtA Camp

  • Dear Parents and Guardians,

    Welcome to the 2019 Read to Achieve (RtA) Summer Camp! 

    We are excited to share that this year’s RtA morning Camp promises very enriching experiences for your child. During the morning program, your child will learn about a fascinating Science topic through reading, research, writing, as well as the arts. 

    Visiting artists will share their passion and expertise in helping students to demonstrate their learning in fun, creative ways. 

    Rising first grade students will author original books about insects and then illustrate them with water-color wash. Rising 2nd grade students will investigate and write about wild and endangered animals and showcase their learning through a collaborative art mural. 

    Rising 3rd grade students will study the life of plants and their many uses. They will then apply that knowledge through soapmaking with herbs. Rising 4th graders will investigate animal adaptations, and extend their new knowledge of the animal kingdom through choreographed movement and dance. 

    If you also signed up for the afternoon program, your child is in for a double treat! Engaging hands-on activities, field trips, and games will help your child extend their learning from the morning program and provide the background experiences that are so essential to improving vocabulary and reading comprehension--key skills for reading success!

    This Welcome packet includes important information for parents and guardians. 

    Thank you for partnering with us for your child’s continued learning and growth. 

    Best wishes for a fun-filled summer of learning!



    Dr. Elaine Watson-Grant & the RtA Team