• Welcome to the Carrboro High School Student Services department!  Please utilize the navigation bar to your left (desktop) or above (mobile) to navigate our section of the school website.

Announcements and Upcoming

  • Spring Break and Distance Learning 3/16 through at least 4/3

    To access any Student Services staff member while we are not physically in school 3/30 and beyond (3/16-3/18 are Optional Workdays, and not all staff will be available; 3/19-3/27 is Spring Break), please communicate via email.  You can expect staff to reply via email or with a phone call during school hours (8:30am-4:30pm) by the business day after our receipt of a message.

    For mental health services and resources, including emergency/crisis services, please review this document.  If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health emergency, please utilize the emergency/crisis services from that document.


    Senior Prom and Graduation Information

    Senior families:  Please review the important dates and times in the linked document.


    2020-21 Course Requests

    As of 3/13/20, we are still missing over 200 course requests in PowerSchool and about as many paper forms for rising 10th-12th grade students.  Please submit your course requests ASAP (PowerSchool now, paper requests whenever we return to school in person).

    1. Guided Video/Slideshow Presentation about Registration (Mon. 2/10) - You can always access slideshows/presentations from Student Services via the "Presentations and Handouts" link on the sidebar.
    2. Student conversations and consultation (Feb.) - with peers, teachers, parents, etc. about courses and level-placement.
    3. Individual Counselor-Student Meetings (Starting the week of 2/10) - counselors will meet with students during the school day on a schedule throughout the month of February.  Students/families are welcome to request to schedule an appointment separately, but be aware that counselors may have limited availability during February due to these scheduled meetings with students, and it is not logistically possible to meet with all families individually.  If a conversation with parents happens to occur in March and changes course requests, then counselors will ensure that requests are updated accordingly, and that would not impact a student's getting into any class.
    4. Student Deadlines (Wed. 3/4) - paper forms (and PowerSchool submission) will be due to 1st period teachers Wed. 3/4 (counselors will come to collect from 1st period teachers that morning).  PowerSchool window opens the week of 3/2, so we'll want students ready to put it in PS and then doing so Monday/Tuesday, along with submitting the hard copy Wed.  We'll be asking teachers to remind students leading up to that date.