• Co-curricular Opportunities

    Co-curricular events and activities are connected to a course that takes place during the school day.  Students are enrolled in a course for academic credit, but participate in many activites outside of class.  For instance, our chorus, band, and orchestra programs regularly include quarterly evening concerts.  Co-curriculars might also include field trips, traveling trips, or community performances.  Some are required, and some are optional.  Most of our secondary band, chorus, orchestra, theatre, and dance programs include co-curricular opportunities.  They vary somewhat, based on student and teacher interest.

    Extracurricular Opportunies

    Extracurricular events and activities are not connected to a course.  They take place outside of the school day, and are open to all who are interested.  For instance, most of our high school performing arts departments produce musicals that allow participation from students not enrolled in performing arts courses during the school day.


    There are a number of clubs that meet outside of the school day.  Clubs have faculty sponsors, but most are student-led and run.  For instance, our high school a cappella groups are student-led.  Students arrange the music and conduct the rehearsals.