Family and Community Engagement Goals

  • Family and Community Engagement


    1: Engage families in the entire educational process.

    FCE 1.1 Create a Family Commission. It consists of representation from formal and informal parent groups and district demographics to serve in an advisory role.

    FCE 1.2 Broaden Parent University to offer more course options designed from parent input and include more parents.

    FCE 1.3 Market to all families the resources available from schools, district and partnering agencies.

    FCE 1.4 Expand Family Resource Center to second site. Offer small group meetings and trainings for parents.

    FCE 1.5 Invite families to public meetings with school and district leadership, including town hall conversations, coffee meetings with the Superintendent and an annualFamily Engagement Summit.

    FCE 1.6 Include in each School Improvement Plan (SIP) family/community engagement strategies that support student learning and focus on involving underrepresentedgroups.

    FCE 1.7 Develop a family engagement rubric to be implemented by schools, with data collected and analyzed annually.

    FCE 1.8 Widen the use of the Family-School Compact to include all schools to be signed each year by teachers, parents and students.

    2: Create meaningful partnerships by building trust, collaboration and engagement.

    FCE 2.1 Engage our business community through our involvement in various business partnerships, the Chamber of Commerce and our business mentors.

    FCE 2.2 Create public promise statement regarding our commitment to equitable community engagement.

    FCE 2.3 Strengthen customer service at all sites.