Employee Experience Goals

  • Employee Experience Goals


    1. Actively recruit and retain a workforce that is diverse and represents the population of our students and families.

    EE 1.1 Source, recruit and hire local, regional and national talent for certified, classified and leadership positions. Recruitment efforts include an intentional focus on strengthening existing partnerships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and other institutions serving People of Color, as well as on thedevelopment of new partnerships and professional relationships.

    EE 1.2 Principals and other hiring managers give equitable consideration to candidates from underrepresented demographic groups when making hiring decisions,specifically for certified positions, and are prepared to share with Human Resources and/or leadership, the names of diverse candidates considered for vacancies.

    2. Create a culture and system of support to empower, inspire and engage talent, including an inclusive work environment that embraces and values equity and diversity.

    EE 2.1 Utilize and promote the district’s Staff of Color Group as a vehicle for identifying, analyzing and submitting proposals for addressing, correcting and eliminating equity disparities within schools and other work sites.

    EE 2.2 Principals are intentional about creating teams and committees that represent a variety of professional opinions and diverse perspectives when selecting staff for building-level leadership roles.

    EE 2.3 Recognize the efforts of individual employees at the school or department level on a regular basis.EE 2.4 Establish succession planning for district-level and school administrators to onboard new employees to ensure there are minimal gaps during transitions.EE 2.5 Create opportunities for staff to lead in innovative and meaningful ways.

    3. Create, promote and empower an organizational environment that values development and personalized growth opportunities for all employees.

    EE 3.1 Provide professional learning offerings for non-certified employees that are of high quality, target growth and provide avenues for advancement within the district.

    EE 3.2 Fully realize Project ADVANCE to include comprehensive course offerings that are differentiated to the needs and interests of employees at Learn, Grown,Impact and Inspire levels. A menu of professional learning modules that align with district initiatives and practices will be developed and made available to employees for completion of Professional Learning credit requirements.

    EE 3.3 Expand professional learning to include a leadership development continuum specifically focused on developing and growing district leaders.

    EE 3.4 Leverage technology as a fiscally responsible means for training new-to-district staff and provide training refreshers to existing staff on organizational practices, processes, and procedures that impact job performance and efficiency.

    EE 3.5 Create partnership opportunities with local universities to support professional learning.

    EE 3.6 Develop and implement a comprehensive coaching model to support administrators and teachers.