• Students across our district are learning the basics of coding, robotics, and other aspects of engineering. We hope that through this experience, our students will become motivated to continue learning this new language that creates the world of websites, apps, and so much more around them. Here are a list of coding sites we use that are also great for home exploration as well!

  • Beginner:
    Blockly - introduce yourself to the concepts of coding
    Code.org - Multi-level coding curriculum 
    Minecraft/Code.org - use code to design blocks in Minecraft or play a game
    Lightbot - Solve puzzles using Programming
    Robomind-  Learn to Code with Interactive Lessons
    Made w/ Code - Learn to Code with Projects
    Playlab - Code.org's coding lab to practice new skills
    Tynker- Easy-to-learn, visual programming courses

    Basketball - create a basketball game using Python
    Hopscotch - Learn to Code. Make Games
    Codesters– Text-based coding makes for an edifying learning experience
    Codecademy - learn specific coding languages as they are actually written. To sign in, go to 'Log In' and log in with Google
    MIT App Inventor - create apps online with Scratch-like block interface
    Bitsbox - Build apps
    SpriteBox: Code Hour– Uses exploration and problem solving, to teach kids how to code
    Treehouse– Engaging, self-paced coding lessons for middle and high school students
    Code Avengers– Students learn to code by working with real code. This site is for advanced students
    Scratch– Motivate future programmers with an adaptive sandbox.
    GameStar Mechanic– This app teaches kids to create their own video games by coding