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  • Webcomics

    Our graphic novel collection is extensive and growing. However, what about webcomics? I've created this section to give you access to some great webcomics. Do you have any recommendations? Click here to email me your recommendations.


    Girl Genius - for fans of steampunk and adventure, check out this awesome series featuring a girl who must use her engineering skills to navigate a sci-fi world filled with perils around every corner. Click here to access Girl Genius.

    Marvel's Hero Project - Read these comics based on the real-life heroics of some extraordinary kids. Click here to access this collection of comics

    The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo - Enjoy this creepy mystery series about kids who search for monsters in dark places. Click here to access Margo Maloo!

    Gunnerkrigg Court - check ut this supernatural adventure set at a most unusual boarding school. Click here to read Gunnerkrigg Court.

    Vera Brosgol's "What, Were You Raised by Wolves" - this is a single comic available online. Her two graphic novels are so popular that people are demanding more! Hopefully this tides you over until then. Click here to access the webcomic.