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    Are you a fan of Wuxiaworld? Check out a novel recommended by one of our former 8th graders, Rohan!



    Our graphic novel collection is extensive and growing. However, what about webcomics? I've created this section to give you access to some great webcomics. Do you have any recommendations? Click here to email me your recommendations.

    Molly Ostertag tackles Tolkein

    The Lord of the Rings has long been a beloved text here at Smith. Molly Knox Ostertag, the author of the popular Witch Boy graphic novel series, took on the task of creating comic versions of several key scenes of the scenes between Frodo and Sam, but with a twist of her own. 

    Click here to read the five chapters.

    The Wromworld Saga in white and pink boxed letters, with three characters beneath it prepared for battle

    The Wormworld Saga

    In this digital graphic novel, Jonas finds himself lost in a fantasy world through a portal in one of his grandmother's paintings. He's mourning the loss of his mom, he's trying to navigate a new world, and he's hoping to find his way home. Will he make it? Click here to embark on the unforgettable adventure you'll find in the WormWorld Saga.

    Paranatural logo in purple bubble letters on an orange background, with additional purple text by Zach Morrison


    Paranatural is a comedy/action comic about a group of superpowered middle schoolers fighting evil spirits and investigating paranormal activity in their hometown. Click here to access this series!

    cucumber quest logo, with orange text, a dark background, and a flying witch with mist emerging from her fingers

    Cucumber Quest

    In this fantasy webcomic, "...bunny kids going on adventures and having fun." (from the About page.) Click here to access this webcomic.

    white text logo of ozy and millie, with two anthropomorphized foxes (gray and red) walking through a green forest

    Ozy and Millie

    Enjoy this funny comic strip through an archive that collects stips dating back to 2008! Follow the adventures of anthropomorphized, snarky foxes and other creatures as they navigate a wild world. Click here to go to the Ozy and Millie archive.  

    Purple background with a green chalkboard reading Scared by the Bell with three monsters standing around, including a mummy

    Scared by the Bell

    Peter's new school is... different. Check out his adventures in a school populated by monsters and all sorts of spooky creatures. It's funny, it's creepy, and it's relatable! Click here to follow Peter's adventures in his new school.


    A short retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood story with a queer twist! Click here to read all 10 short entries

    Girl Genius 

    For fans of steampunk and adventure, check out this awesome series featuring a girl who must use her engineering skills to navigate a sci-fi world filled with perils around every corner.

    Click here to access Girl Genius.

    Marvel's Hero Project 

    Read these comics based on the real-life heroics of some extraordinary kids. Click here to access this collection of comics

    The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo 

    Enjoy this creepy mystery series about kids who search for monsters in dark places. Click here to access Margo Maloo!

    Gunnerkrigg Court 

    Check out this supernatural adventure set at a most unusual boarding school. Click here to read Gunnerkrigg Court.

    Audrey's Magic Nine 

    From the About Page: "The story follows a young orphan named Audrey who goes on a quest to help her newly discovered friends unravel an enchanted mystery. Armed with a pencil, sketchbook, and some surprisingly unexceptional magical help, Audrey and company will embark on many whimsical adventures and escapades to reach a mysterious realm beyond her artistic imagination."

    The webcomic has come to an end, so make sure you start at the beginning by clicking here. If you go to the main page, you'll spoil the ending for yourself!