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    Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools

    Launches a Code of Conduct Revision





    During the spring of 2019, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools launched a major initiative to revise the district Code of Conduct.  This is an opportunity to meet several goals that align with the district’s strategic plan:

    • Create a blueprint for promoting good conduct, good citizenship, and good character for every student in the district;
    • Implement a district-wide approach to discipline and student support that is restorative, accountable, and equitable for students, families, and staff;
    • Amend current disciplinary policies and practices in order to reduce over use and disproportional use of referrals and suspensions that adversely impact students of color and students with disabilities;
    • Standardize consequences, interventions, and classroom disciplinary practices across all schools;
    • Support students’ development of social and emotional competencies ¾ a major factor linked to readiness to learn, academic engagement, and college, career, and life success.

    The process involves three stages of development and implementation:

    1. Review of the current code, analysis of the three years of disciplinary data, creation of a District Code Team, and identification of a Code Task Force composed of 30-35 school administrators and staff, parents, students, and community partners. (February-April, 2019)
    2. Completion of a revised Code by the Code Task Force whose work is informed by focus groups and a feedback process that involves all key stakeholders (April, 2019 – Winter, 2020)
    3. Preparation and launch of the revised Code including orientation sessions for all stakeholders, professional learning for all staff, and induction lessons for all students (Spring, 2020 – Winter, 2021)


    A major feature of this comprehensive process is building a shared commitment and capacity among all district leaders, school leaders, and staff members to embrace a restorative, accountable, and equitable vision of discipline and student support that maximizes efforts to implement a revised Code with integrity and fidelity.


    CHCCS has partnered with Engaging Schools, a national research-based not-for-profit organization, to support this initiative.  They bring 40 years of experience to their collaborations with school leaders, staff, and families to improve district, school-wide, and classroom practices in ways that have a direct impact on student learning and achievement.


    The district will provide updates on the Code revision process through the Code of Conduct page on the district website.  For questions or more information, please contact Dr. Charlos S. Banks, Chief of School Support and Wellness, at cbanks@chccs.k12.nc.us.