• Board members are liaisons to the following district/county committees


    Academic Achievement Team (Equity) - Ms Fowler

    Budget Committee - Ms Dasi

    Carrboro Recreation & Parks - vacant

    Collaboration Committee - Ms Broun and Ms Wolf

    Curriculum Management Team - Ms Wolf

    Drug & Alcohol Awareness Task Force (DAATF) - Ms Fowler

    Family Success Alliance (FSA) - Ms Dasi

    Food for Summer - Ms Broun

    GPAC - Ms Broun

    Healthy Schools Committee - Ms Fowler

    Intergovernmental Parks Group - vacant

    Mental Health Community Connections - Mr. Barrett

    Pre-K/Head Start Policy Council - Ms Fowler

    PTA Council - Ms Dasi

    Public School Foundation (PSF) - Ms Broun

    Safe Routes to School Implementation Committee - vacant

    Safe Schools - Mr. Barrett

    School Construction Committee - vacant

    School Joint Action Committee (SJAC) - Ms Dasi

    SNAC - Ms Broun

    Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) - Ms Wolf

    Twice Exceptional (2e) - vacant