• CISCO Networking Engineering - @ CHHS



    • Hack the network (ethically) to identify and resolve cyber security issues
    • Provide technical support to teachers and students as part of a district student tech squad
    • Design, install, and repair complex network systems


    CAREER FOCUS: Prepared for immediate employment, advanced certifications, and further education



    Cisco Network Engineering Career Pathway (CNEN)

    Career Exploration

    Foundational Prerequisite



    Career Pathway Major

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    CI10 Cisco Network Engineering Technology I

    CI11 Cisco Network Engineering

    Technology II

    Cooperative Education OR

    CTE Advanced Studies OR

    CTE Apprenticeship OR

    CTE Internship


    Career & College Promise

    DurhamTech Community College

    Cybersecurity CCNA Certificate

    * WC212X0

    NET 125 Introduction to Networks

    * WC212X2

    NET 126 Switching and Routings


    NET 225 Enterprise Networking

    * WC512X0

    SEC 160 Security Administration I

    * Links for: State Articulation and Local Articulation Agreements (earning college credit for successful completion of some high school courses or credential)


    • Credential offered in this pathway

      • Cisco Certified Technician Routing and Switching 
    • Completing a CISCO Network Engineering Pathway major may lead to careers in

      • Network Engineer

      • Computer Programmer

      • Computer Forensics

      • More Info Here