• AVID News at Smith

    AVID Logo for Smith Middle School.

    By Asia Moore, UNC-Chapel Hill Intern with Smith AVID

    Recap of AVID Events

    Estes Hills Elementary School Visit

    A group of AVID learners from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade did classroom visits at Estes Hills Elementary on February 18th. Learners worked together to inform 5th-grade students about AVID. They presented to classrooms as a whole and answered questions that students had in small groups. We look forward to visiting more elementary schools and recruiting potential AVID learners.

    Picture of Smith Black History Knowledge Bowl team holding their participation certificates and Mr. Zeigler holding the trophy.

    Photo by Asia Moore

    Black History Knowledge Bowl

    Gulinky Lu, Amaris Bryant, and Wesley Martin represented Smith Middle School at the 11th Annual Black History Knowledge Bowl on February 23rd at Carol Woods Retirement Community. Our Smith AVID learners competed against other AVID teams from McDougle, Phillips, and Culberth. We took home second place trophies!

    Four AVID learners gathered around a white board table with dry erase markers creating designs for ozobots.


    Picture of two AVID learners controlling Dash bots with ipads. There is a cameraman and CCEE employee standing behind them.

    Photos by Mr. Zeigler

    CCEE Video Shoot

    On March 14th, several AVID learners went to the Carolina Center for Educational Excellence (CCEE) to be featured in a video. They demonstrated their learning with two different types of robots: Ozo and Dash bots. The video will be released on March 25th. We look forward to sharing it with our AVID supporters.

    More AVID News


    In the AVID classroom, our learners have been working on projects. The sixth graders have been presenting to their classmates about their goals, hopes, and dreams. The eighth graders have been working on their public speaking skills, too. They had presentations about their future careers. Learners have been supporting each other by giving feedback about how to be better presenters. In seventh grade, learners researched colleges they would like to attend and created college pennants to show their dream colleges to others. AVID prepares learners for their future.

    AVID Quote of the Month

    “Success does not come through grades, degrees, or distinctions. It comes through experiences that expand your belief in what is possible.” -Matea

    Quotes from AVID Student Learners 

    A seventh-grade AVID learner had this advice to give to his AVID family, “Use the opportunities that you are given.”

    An AVID learner that is new to the program stated, “I like AVID because we talk about colleges and it gives me a boost.”

    Support our AVID Learners at their upcoming events 

    Some of our learners participate in athletics. Come cheer for us at the girl’s and boy’s lacrosse, girl’s soccer, track, and softball games in March. The schedule can be found at http://nc.8to18.com/SmithMS/calendar.

    The All City Orchestra concert will be held on Wednesday, March 20th at 7 PM at East Chapel Hill High School.

    The Smith Theatre Department will be presenting Dear Chuck, a one-act play on March 21st at Smith at 6:00 PM. The play lasts 40 minutes and tickets are $5.