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  • UPDATES to High School Social Studies Sequencing:

    Currently, the K-12 social studies standards are undergoing a revision cycle. This will impact high school social studies course sequencing beginning with students entering ninth grade in 2020-21. To get more information about his process and the changes, please go to the Standards Revision page on the NCDPI Social Studies Google Site

    For the 2020-21 school year. all rising ninth graders will take World History or Honors World History.  New standards will not be approved until June of 2020. Districts across the state have to revise their sequences and develop new curriculum to support these course changes.  CHCCS made the decision to maintain our current sequence as we plan our transition to the new standards and courses. 






    2013- 2014- 


    World History

    Civics and Economics

    American I OR

    AP US History

    American II 

    Social Studies Elective (Required if student took APUSH)

    2021-2022 and beyond

    Course sequencing will change based upon what the State Board of Education approves in the summer of 2020. This sequencing will include a revised Civics course, a revised World History course, one American history course, and a new Economics and Personal Finance course. 


    4 Credits in Social Studies, including:

    * World History

    * American History: The Founding Principles, Civics, and Economics (Civics)

    * American History I and American History II OR AP US History and a social studies elective

    * Additional social studies course**

    • ** A student who takes AP US History instead of taking American History I and American History II must also take an additional social studies course in order to meet the four credits for graduation requirements. 
    • Economics and Personal Finance and one American history course will be offered after the 2020-2021 school year. 


    NCDPI Social Studies Website (Main NCDPI website)

    Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools strives to create experiences that empower, inspire and engage all learners in every classroom, every day. 

    Secondary social studies instruction in CHCCS is supported at all levels by the district's commitment to providing vertically-aligned, thoughtfully developed, "living" curriculum. Understanding by Design units align to North Carolina's Essential Social Studies and Common Core History Literacy Standards and are developed with the intent of preparing all students for academic, college, career, and life success as readers, writers, speakers, and listeners. 


    The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) provides social studies instructional resources for teachers and families. 



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