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  • In February of 2021, the State Board of Education approved the new K-12 social studies standards.  As a result, high school graduation requirements vary depending on what year students first entered grade 9.  

    For information about the new standards, you may access the website here: NCDPI Social Studies Google Site.  

    Students and families may review the social studies standards for middle and high school courses below: 


    6th Grade    7th Grade     8th Grade      World History    Civic Literacy     American History    Economics & Personal Finance 


    Guidance Chart for Social Studies Graduation Requirements

    Students will take a Social Studies course during each year of their high school experience.  All students entering grade 9 in 2021-22 will be required to take and pass World History, Civics Literacy, American History and Economic and Personal Finance in order to graduate.  Academic and Honors levels are available in all four courses for Social Studies.  An Advanced Placement (AP) option is also available in place of the World History, Civic Literacy or American History courses. Please see the GRAD-008 policy for the college-level courses that can satisfy the graduation requirements

     Information in HS Course Book: 

    About every seven years the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) engages in a curriculum review and revision process for every subject area and makes adjustments and changes to curriculum and sometimes graduation requirements.  The North Carolina Social Studies curriculum review and new standards were approved in February of 2021.  As a result,  your student’s social studies graduation requirements vary depending on what year they first entered ninth grade.  Please see the table below that outlines the course requirements at each grade level. 

    ** AP World History may be substituted for World History. 

    ** AP Government & Politics may be substituted for Civic Literacy.

    ** AP US History may be substituted for American History. 

    Please Note: AP World History does count towards the World History graduation credit; however, it is an extremely rigorous course that students would experience the greatest success with their senior year as opposed to their freshman year when many students take World History or Honors World History.  








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