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  • Scroggs students comparing shapes.   . Ephesus students naming shapes.   . Estes Hills students use code to program small robots.

    Math Practices

    CHCCS K-5 Math curriculum is aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study K-5 Mathematics.  The CHCCS curriculum gives all students opportunities to explore, investigate and apply real-life problems within a personalized learning environment. In K-5, students develop an understanding of algebraic thinking, operations in base ten, converting measurement, and finding the area, perimeter, and volume of geometric shapes. Our goal is to foster a deep understanding of concepts while also building excitement about math.


    In K-2, our primary resource is Ready Mathematics by Curriculum Associates, which earned the top ratings in independent reviews by EdReports, the “gold standard” for K-12 curricular resources. In 3-5, we use resources from the NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and Ready Mathematics to ensure close alignment with the End-of-Grade assessments. We also use a formative assessment tool K-5 to help monitor student growth and address students’ individual needs.

    North Carolina Standard Course of Study K-5 Mathematics


    Grading Practices

    Standards-Based Grading (SBG) is a grading system used by CHCCS that measures student mastery of content. We understand that learning is a progression and that not all students master the same skills and concepts at the same time. We provide opportunities for differentiated pathways and empower students to be active participants in their own education.  All scores are based on a 1-4 scale with level 3 indicating grade-level proficiency. Beginning in the 19/20 school year, teachers were trained in SBG and began reporting on student progress using the SBG scale.

    Why use Standards-Based Grading?

    • Provides a clear picture of skills mastered and what still needs work.
    • Promotes opportunities for challenge and enrichment.
    • Allows students to monitor their own learning progress.

    SBG Levels

    Access SBG Levels for use with a screen reader 

    Elementary K-5 Math Scope and Sequence with Resources

    La traducción al español está en la segunda página en cada enlace.

    Kindergarten Math Scope and Sequence

    1st Grade Math Scope and Sequence

    2nd Grade Math Scope and Sequence 

    3rd Grade Math Scope and Sequence 

    4th Grade Math Scope and Sequence 

    5th Grade Math Scope and Sequence 


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