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    Children jumping and playing outside CHCCS Healthful Living (Physical Education) is aligned with the North Carolina Healthful Living Essential Standards and National Standards. In K-5 physical education all students have the opportunity to learn and grow towards physical literacy.  Physical Literacy, as defined by the Aspen Institute Physical Literacy Working Group is ‘the ability, confidence, and desire to be physically active for life.  

    Elementary instruction is geared towards fundamental movement skills and concepts in order to set the foundation for students to grow in their own physical literacy journey. The goal is to teach children to enjoy movement and be encouraged and motivated to live a healthy social, emotional, and physically active lifestyle.




    Health and Physical Education Standards

    Shape America National Standards

    Kindergarten-2nd Grade Health Education Standards

    3rd-5th Grade Health Education Standards




    Sample Year at a Glance


    Each individual elementary school plans a Field Day or other special events specific to the school. In Kindergarten through Grade 5, students learn several skills, including spatial awareness, throwing and catching, jumping and landing, volleying, and ball handling skills. Teachers work with students to track their learning and progress through performance-based assessments.


    Below are two graphics showing an explanation of the grading process. The first one is written in a student-friendly language with 4 levels of learning progression. Level 1 indicates that the student is developing toward grade-level standards with beginning understanding. Level 2 means a student is developing a consistent understanding of the concepts and skills taught while level 3 demonstrates consistent mastery of those skills. Level 4 and beyond shows students are exceeding mastery and applying skills beyond the class context.


    Student friendly graphic about learning progress - 1 - I need more practice 2 - Getting there 3 - Got it 4 - Wow                                  


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