ISD Executive Team

Title First Name Last Name Email Phone Extension - 919-967-8211
Assistant Superidendent of Instructional Services Jessica O'Donovan 28225
Executive Administrative Assistant to ISD Theresa Collins 28225
Executive Director of Elementary Schools and Special Programs Tim Gibson 28209
Executive Secretary to Elementary Schools, ESL/DL, Arts and Digital Learning and Libraries Michael Eshleman 28241
Executive Director of Secondary Schools and Special Programs Quincy Williams 28909
Executive Secretary to Secondary Schools Kelly Glosson 28278

Instructional Services Directors, Coordinators & Lead Teachers/Coaches

Title First Name Last Name Email Address Phone Extension - 919-967-8211
Coordinator of ESL and Dual Language Helen Atkins 28353
Director of Digital Learning and Libraries Debby Atwater 28252
Director of Career Technical Education Kathi Breweur 28277
DIrector of Secondary Math & Science Dorie Hall 28218
Director of Gifted Education Kathryn Kennedy 28357
Lead Teacher of Gifted Education and Twice Exceptional (2E) Nick Winstead
Director of Title I, Family & Community Engagement Roslyn Moffitt 28260
Lead Teacher of ESL and Dual Language Kat Rangal 28108
CTE Bookkeeper and Office Support Rhonda Roberts 28289
Director of Secondary Humanities Christy Stanley 28248
ELL Student Advocate Zulma Urena 28115
Title III ESL Parent Liaison Zaida Walker 28293
Coordinator of Visual & Performing Arts Brenda Whiteman 28308
CHCCS Elementary Humanities Coach Tammie Eddins
CHCCS Elementary Lead Math and Science Coach Noa Stuchiner
Secondary Math Coach Alina Castillo
Secondary Science Coach Valerie Sellars

Pre-K/Head Start

Title First Name Last Name Email Address Phone Extension - 919-918-2153
DIrector of Pre-K Kerry Moore 20292
Coordinator - Pre-K Intervention Thea Wilson 23104
Pre-K Mental Health/Disabilities Specialist Renee Banks 20295
Resource Teacher Sarah Boone 23108
Pre-K Family Services Manager Melissa Breaden 20297
Pre-K Nurse/Health Specialist Lynda Craig 20294
Pre-K Education Specialist Cassandra Davis 20293
Resource Teacher Cheryl Johnson 23111
EC Program Facilitator Ashley Kellum 23113
Pre-K Licensing Kareema King 20299
Speech Language Pathologist Sarah Michaels 23103
Speech Language Pathologist Heather Miller 23107
Speech Language Pathologist Phyllis Norwood 23105
Psychologist Christie Parker 23101
Speech Language Pathologist Heather Petrusa 23112
Pre-K Program Secretary Marivel Pineda 20291
Lead Occupational Therapist/Physical Therapist Jennifer Radzik 23110
Pre-K Family Services Assistant Ana Rivera 20277
Speech Language Pathologist Amy Samuels 23106
Occupational Therapist Donna Swahlan 23109
Occupational Therapist Cheryl Vaughn 23102
Pre-K Student Support Specialist Keshia Woodard 20324
Pre-K Secretary/Bookkeeper Tami Zubler 20284
Pre-K Enrollment Assistant Vacant 20285
Pre-K Family Services Assistant Vacant 20296