Strategic Plan 2027

  • Strategic Plan 2027: Think (and Act) Differently • en español: Piensa (y actúa) de modo diferente 

    Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools is excited and proud to share our Strategic Plan 2027, the road map that will guide our work over the next five years. Approved in June 2022 (and updated in Fall 2023*), It is the result of many months of engaging the district and broader community, asking questions, listening to suggestions, considering new perspectives and dreaming BIG! Included in the plan are new vision and mission statements, along with our district’s commitment to five core values.

    *Fall 2023 Update: A new key strategic action related to school attendance and reducing chronic absences was added to the plan. Additionally, existing priorities related to instructional excellence and equitable/transparent fiscal stewardship and operations were updated. For details, see page 40 of the Strategic Plan

    Vision: Equipping students to navigate the world and make a positive impact throughout their life’s journey.

    Mission: CHCCS believes every individual’s unique background and culture enhance our

    schools. By providing students with a safe and joyful learning environment, we collaborate with families to create a community where all students, families and staff members feel affirmed and respected to develop their fullest potential.

    Core Values

    • Engagement
    • Social Justice Action
    • Collective Efficacy
    • Wellness
    • Joy

    We are grateful to everyone who has shared their wisdom, experiences and innovative ideas to help create this blueprint for guiding all of our students to thrive, learn and succeed. Please know that we intend to keep listening to the diverse voices represented across Chapel Hill and Carrboro – we expect our stakeholders will continue to ask for accountability, and we look forward to delivering news of our progress.

    Strategic Plan 2027: Think (and Act) Differently • en español: Piensa (y actúa) de modo diferente

Superintendent's Vision and Strategic Narrative

  • 2022 Superintendent's Vision and Strategic Narrative

    The purpose of this booklet is to convey my vision and the strategic narrative for Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools. It’s partly a reflection on what we’ve already accomplished, and, in alignment with our brand new Strategic Plan 2027 (which will be unveiled on June 16), partly a look ahead to all of the important goals for our future. By the time you’re finished reading this, you’ll have a good sense of our path forward, the possibilities and dreams hoped for, results we want to achieve, and the risks we’ll take along the way.

    Together, we will ensure that every student has the academic and social-emotional support that they need to generate ideas, solve real world problems, achieve new levels of wellness, and perhaps even change the world. 


    Nyah D. Hamlett, Ed.D.
    June 2022

    2022 Superintendent's Vision and Strategic Narrative