• Students tossing up graduation caps. Mission:

    Our Mission at East Chapel Hill High School is to ensure that every student graduates on time with the essential knowledge and skills as well as personal and inter-personal well-being to guarantee access to higher education and/or employment in the 21st Century.


    Our Vision at East Chapel Hill High School is one of results-oriented collaboration among students, families, teachers, staff, administration, and the school community. Unified by our common mission, each stakeholder involved in this collaboration will commit to meeting the individual needs of individual students through a clear understanding of the Standard Course of Study, tightly aligned and differentiated instructional plans, multi-modal and multi-media delivery methods, common and formative assessments, high expectations, transparent interventions, and support structures for all learners.

    All stakeholders will value our mission and vision at East Chapel Hill High School, and will therefore commit the necessary effort to meet these goals and expectations for high levels of student achievement and professional educator practice.


    The faculty, staff, and administration at East Chapel Hill High School believe that ALL students can learn and achieve at high levels, and that highly effective teaching strategies coupled with consistent and supported student effort are the essential ingredients for outstanding student achievement.

    We also believe that:

    • Teachers must develop and implement strategies to address different student learning styles with specific energy devoted to closing the achievement gap that exists between African-American and Latino students and the other students at ECHHS;
    • Teachers must seek to create stimulating and challenging learning environments, encouraging active participation and intellectual risk-taking;
    • Students must hold themselves to a high standard of academic performance and personal integrity;
    • Teachers must hold themselves to a high standard of professional performance and personal integrity;
    • Students and teachers must feel safe and valued in our school;
    • Students and teachers should embrace learning as a self-directed, life-long endeavor that must be pursued through an appropriate balance of intellectual stimulation and achievement, physical activity, humanitarian service, and leisure.