The Glenwood Elementary School Improvement Team (SIT) is elected to serve as the decision-making body for the school. Composed of parents and staff members, the SIT meets on the first Wednesday of each month from 6-7:30 PM. March 6th meeting will now be on March 13th at 8 AM & May 1st meeting will be at 8 AM instead of 6 PM.  Meetings are open to the public and all are encouraged to attend. Minutes are posted online following each meeting.

    School Improvement Team Members

    Chairs and dates elected:
    Alyssa Crockett - Parent Co-Chair (6/3/17)
    Jennifer Roth Staff Co-Chair (5/24/18)

    Parent Representatives and dates elected:
    Mike Cho (6/3/17)
    Tony Rucker (5/28/18)
    Deborah Stewart (6/3/17)
    Samantha Fiske (6/3/17)

    Faculty Representatives and dates elected:
    Katie Caggia- Principal (11/1/16)
    Channing Bennett- Assistant Principal (1/3/17)
    Ivette Mercado- Classified Employee representative (10/31/18)

    Melissa Towne-K-2 Teacher representative (6/3/18)
    Jennifer Roth- 3-5 Teacher representative (5/24/17)
    Tracy Bell- Instructional Support Staff representative (6/3/18)