Background of the Secondary 1:1 Chromebook Program

  • Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools strives to create experiences that empower, inspire and engage all learners in every classroom, every day. As students become problem solvers and problem seekers, they collaborate with teachers, peers and community members to achieve common goals. Students co-design their learning experiences, embedding their unique interests and passions within a standards-based curriculum. Access to digital devices integrates technology in order to increase critical thinking, enhance communication skills, and create personalized pathways of learning for every student. As part of this commitment, we are excited to continue joining the many districts in North Carolina and across the country and world with our Middle and High School one-to-one Chromebook program.  

    As educational practices evolve and student learning needs become more personalized, the use of digital devices, tools, and strategies that are mobile, accessible, adaptable and transform learning experiences for ALL continue to become critical both during and after the school day for our secondary students. Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools has been preparing for this exciting program for many years. CHCCS has designed a high-speed wireless environment and teachers have been equipped with and are teaching within a one-to-one laptop program of their own. In addition, many of our teachers have been and continue to be involved in a Digital Learning Competency professional learning and coaching program that enables them to engage students in learning in a blended digital environment. We are very aware that students in the modern classroom learn most comfortably and enthusiastically when they are able to access, analyze, and synthesize information using digital tools. Our laptop program is the needed step toward helping our students to achieve and be successful in a fully digital learning environment.

    What if a student needs reliable internet access?

    We know that roughly 10-15% of our students do not have a reliable home internet connection.  To answer this need, we have established an internet hotspot program that provides a district-filtered T-Mobile hotspot with unlimited data for a student and any siblings who attend Chapel Hill-Carrboro City school.  Please contact your child's teacher or school Principal if you need to apply for our program.


    Device Distribution

    High School

    The 1:1 early distribution event allows each rising high school student an opportunity to pick up their device before the first day of school. We hope parents can attend the pick-up event with your child, but if your child must attend by themselves, they will still be given a Chromebook if your Parent and Student forms are complete. If your child cannot attend the initial event, they should pick up their Chromebook during school hours during the first week of school.

    • Details Coming Soon for 2020-21

    Middle School

    • Details Coming Soon for 2020-21


Laptop Distribution Details

Use of Personal Devices During the 1:1 Chromebook Program

  • Every student will receive a district Chromebook that is optimized for all learning experiences.  Students are expected to use the district-provided Chromebook and CTE devices for instructional purposes because they are configured with all the necessary applications, links and security settings for learning

    Per Board Policy 4318, this program does not prohibit a student to bring their personal device to school. However, students will not have access to our district network in order to decrease security risks and increase network speed and student safety on our internal network.

  • How to reset a student CHCCS Google password

    Student passwords were reset to each student's PowerSchool number to prepare for the beginning of the school year.  Please follow these Student Password Reset directions before or after you receive a district Chromebook.  If you do not know your Powerschool number, you can receive it at the High School distribution event or your school.